No more grenades ? use dynamite ! 


crazy and deadly ! a dynamite throweris a killing machine ! 

A dynamite thrower is wearing a kamikaze suite full of dynamite, a red bandana. he is only armed with explosives.

although it looks like a grenadier, a dynamite thrower is more agressive, faster, scarier. the main differece is it explodes once it's dead. note : the explosion is weaker than a grenade but still causes damage. 

it first appears in operation 3 mission 1 to repleace the grenadier during that operation.

Difficulty level 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Tips and tricks 

do not be scared if you face him, hit andrun tactics will work just fine 

- with a good weapon, you can take him before he even can see you or throw a TNT on you 

-there is a debate about TNT being stronger than grenades, but why taking risks ? take him as fast as you can

-a grenade can kill multiples quickly  

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